Common Questions We Get From Our Clientele

When you think of the web design you may not think of big names, you probably think of cookie-cutter sites that are run by marketing firms. This is not the case any longer with the new generation of web designers who understand the client’s perspective. These innovative web developers have a proven track record for turning those big business dreams into thriving internet businesses.

#1 Top Notch Websites. Founding Year: 2021. Avg. hourly rate: $150/hr. Services: Web Development, Online Store Development, Web Design. The web design agency that you choose will work closely with you and your staff to design and develop websites to meet all of your marketing needs.

#2 Top Notch Graphic Designers. Founding Year: 2021. Avg. hourly rate: $125/hr. Services: Digital Content Management System (DCP), Website Design & Development, Graphic Design. A top web design agency will work closely with your team to bring to life the graphic designs that will make your website stand out and increase visitor traffic.

#3 Top Notch CMS Solutions. Founding Year: 2021. Avg. hourly rate: $123/hr. Services: Website Hosting Company (New website development & maintenance), Content Management System (CMS), Graphic Design. A web design agency will help you design a new website from the ground up to create an amazing website. From web hosting to CMS to graphic design your creative team will work with you to create the new website you have always wanted.

#2 Google Specialist. Founding Year: 2021. Professionals: Technologists who possess knowledge of Google’s technical requirements and have extensive experience of designing websites for Google. You will need to demonstrate to Google that you have a thorough understanding of Google’s requirements before they will provide you with a whole new website to host on their platform.

#3 Clear Idea: As part of the web design process, your creative team will be involved in helping you to create a clear idea of the final design, including navigation, colours and logos, as well as having a clear idea of the functionality of the site. They will then work with you to establish your basic concept to develop the website development. Together they will work on the most appropriate and unique format to match your brand image. Alongside this they will assist in developing your brand images, ensuring that your brand image is consistent throughout the new website development.

#4 Common Questions. Many potential customers ask a series of common questions which are answered by web designers from all around the world. Some of the most common questions include whether there are any technical requirements, how long it will take, how much it will cost and how long it will take to launch. It is always advisable to get a full written quote on the technical requirements and the estimated time taken. Ask for details on what is included in the package, how often this happens and what sort of communication, if any, is available to you during the design process.

#5 Custom Web Design. The third and final step involves creating a custom website design to fit your individual business requirements. Whilst web designers all differ in their approach, it is essential that you find one which suits your individual business and meets your brand image and web metrics. A custom web design should be tailored to suit your specific needs whilst being designed within your budget. You should receive a full written quote setting out all technical requirements, as well as any additional fees which you may have to pay.

#6 Launching a Website. The last part of the web design process consists of actually launching your brand new website. A professional website launch will allow you to manage your launch, allowing you to make any changes that you desire along the way. It also allows us to manage customer queries and responses, enabling us to better serve our clients.

#7 Common Questions. The launch of a brand new website can be one of the most difficult things to handle. It can also be one of the most frustrating things to handle. This is why it is so important to find web designers who are able to help you through this period of time and ensure everything runs smoothly. Below are some of the most common questions that we receive, which we analyse and offer a solution for.

#7 What is the Technical Requirements? If your brand new website is going to be launched in relation to a new technological requirement, it is important to provide this in writing. Some web designers may prefer to work “off the cuff” and create general ideas and notes on your technical requirements for launch. However, most companies prefer to create a detailed and comprehensive web design project specification outlining all technical requirements as well as defining timelines and deliverables.