E-Commerce & Social Media – Six Keys to Success

In a recent article, one of the most useful insights into the success of your business website was revealed: your social media marketing. According to the article, if you want to get people talking about your business online, you need to engage them on a personal level. Therefore, one of the best key takeaway points from the article was this: “For any business looking to improve its social media marketing [and/or] drive visitors to its website, engaging its customers is always the key.” Indeed, as I noted in an earlier article, engaging your potential customers on a personal level is one of the most important keys to increasing traffic and therefore profit for your business website.

Engaging your potential customers on a personal level goes beyond the web design mentioned in the article above. According to the article, you can also include videos and/or podcasts to engage potential customers. Additionally, according to the author, you should include links to social media sites in your business website‘s design. You should also use keywords and strategically placed phrases in your web design, including “your” and “us.” Finally, you should avoid using too many caps or languages other than English in your web design.

Another important key takeaway from the article is to make sure you’re getting your keywords in the title of your web page, as well as throughout the entire content. Keywords are important to search engine rankings. Therefore, when someone types in a particular term (which can also be the keyword) in a search engine such as Google, it’s far more likely that they will find your small business website than a competitor’s site.

People searching for products or services on the internet tend to search in different ways. Therefore, your small business website should be designed to engage your target audience. If your website design is confusing or does not accurately portray your message, you may find that people will automatically hit the back button rather than exploring your site. With effective and interesting web design, however, you may find that you attract new customers.

The fourth key takeaway is to ensure that your website design is search engine optimized (SEO). Search engine optimization (SEO) will help your website design rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engine optimization can be achieved through incorporating relevant keywords into your e-commerce keywords list, as well as making sure your meta tags, title tags, and body tag all reflect the appropriate targeted keywords. Additionally, you should make sure to select your meta description and title tag images wisely. You may find that using image images is preferable for SEO than text images because images can be viewed by more people in a shorter period of time.

The fifth and final key takeaway is to incorporate social media into your online marketing strategy. Your small business website may find great potential in using social media to attract new customers. For instance, by using Twitter and Facebook, you can connect with new customers and your current customer base. By connecting through social media, you can also provide information and products that may not otherwise show up in a traditional sales presentation. Social media will also allow you to follow up with customers after their purchase.

The sixth key takeaway is to work with your web hosting company to create and maintain an e-commerce website. When choosing a web host, you should keep the following in mind. First, consider their e-commerce tools and services. In addition, it is important to determine their customer service. You want a web host that is knowledgeable and helpful.

Overall, the six key takeaway points discussed above will aid you in attracting new customers and improving your e-commerce search engine rankings. You may find that your business enjoys increased sales and the benefits of creating a social media presence. However, before you proceed, be sure to research your web host carefully. You want a host that provides the tools you need for e-commerce, but one that will also provide helpful customer service.