How Can a Joomla Security Audit Help Your Website?

A Joomla Security Audit will protect your website from security threats. What does it do exactly? It performs a deep analysis of your website and its various security threats.

It firstly checks the security status of every security vulnerability found in your website. The Joomla Security Audit report shows the status of all security threats that exist in your website. You can check if the site is protected against all security threats by simply checking the report. If you want to check the status of only some specific threats, you can specify these threats by adding them to your list of allowed threats.

You should make sure that your Joomla web server is running Joomla version 2.4 or higher. This is important because it is considered to be the highest level of security. A security audit can detect all security threats in a secure environment. So even if you have an outdated Joomla version, it will not affect the security status of the website.

When performing the Joomla security audit, it checks for security threats that are related to the configuration of your website. For example, if your website has been setup with PHP as the default scripting language, then it will be subjected to security threats in case it uses other languages.

The most common security threat that affects websites is cross-site scripting (XSS). In this threat, an external program is used to change the content of another program. If your website is using XSS to hack into another website, it will result to a malicious script that can lead to more damages.

The Joomla Security Audit can find all security issues through various methods. It can use XSS Editor, XML External Server Filter, XSS Filter, Web Application Firewall, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Filter, XSS Filter Tool, JavaScript Code Smuggling, and XSS Filter Analyzer. If any of the above methods cannot find any problems with your website, it will provide an email alert.

If the Joomla Security Audit detects any security issues with your website, you should take immediate action. Otherwise, these security issues may lead to some serious problems. In this case, you may have to change the settings of the security in your web server and make certain security changes to your website, so as to avoid such security issues.

The Joomla Security Audit also helps you determine the level of security of the software that is running on your web server. In this way, you can improve the security of the web server and make it more secure. If your Joomla website is facing issues due to security, you should contact a professional web hosting company. Such companies usually offer web server security services and are experts at handling security issues.

If you run your website from a Linux or Unix based web server, then you should get the Joomla Security Audit report directly from your hosting company. However, if your website is running on Windows based hosting, then you should get the report directly from Microsoft. This can help you to check whether your server has been compromised.

You can also get the report of the security issues from the Joomla website itself. However, if your server is running in a Windows environment, then you can simply use the Microsoft Security Essentials to check your server for any vulnerabilities.

If you are unable to identify the problem, then you can take the help of a professional. This person can help you to fix the security issues in a jiffy. Most of the companies offer their services through email and can help you solve issues with ease. However, if they do not provide any support through email, you can ask them for help through phone.

The Joomla website provides security audits and fixes a number of issues related to security. You can search the web for the companies that are offering their services for Joomla security audits. In case, you are not comfortable with any particular company, then you can also search on the internet to get reviews about the same. This way, you can choose a reliable company and start performing the Joomla security audit as per your needs.