Making Money With Joomla Websites

Joomla websites are creating a buzz in the IT industry and attracting developers and users alike. A huge number of websites are based on Joomla and a vast majority of these websites have been created by developers who are not IT experts but are dedicated to their work, they love developing websites, which are not only user friendly but which also make money through advertisement space on the website and ads served on the website.

IT industry is making a huge amount of money by using this type of development tools and technology as well as many of them are making money from selling software tools, which have been created using these tools. IT professionals use these development tools to develop websites on the Joomla platform and many of these IT professionals do not know that such CMS websites are generating revenue for them.

It is not difficult to find websites that need to be developed using the software or tools that you are employing or you hire developers to develop. But with the recent development of Joomla and other platforms like Drupal and FrontPage, it has become easy to develop CMS websites in such a way so that revenue is generated.

CMS software development is an extension of the software development and is totally different from the software development. Software development is about designing, developing, testing and finally the final delivery of the final software; this development is called as software delivery.

There are two major parts of software development which are design and development and if there is no relationship between these two then the software cannot be delivered. These software development tools and technologies make it possible for a developer to create a website in a very short time without even leaving his or her desk.

If you are a web designer or a web developer then you can rely on these tools and you can develop the Joomla or any other web 2.0 platform in a very short time frame. This can be useful for your business or you can make your own website by going online and finding out information about these tools.

However if you are a software developer then it is advisable to find out information on the internet about the tools which you can use in order to create a website. This can help you make sure that you get value for your money and not spend unnecessarily.

You should be aware of the tools that you will require for your website and it is advisable to ask for a professional web designer or developer’s assistance in this respect. You should also get information on how to avoid spam, which can cause harm to your website.

The first step, which you should take is to select the name of your website, which should ideally have the capability of capturing the visitor’s attention right from the time he or she hits the home page. You should make sure that your website contains attractive and relevant information about your products and services, the website design should be appealing, good looking and modern and should include the features that attract potential customers.

Good pictures of your products and services along with good descriptions about these should be the basis of attracting prospective customers to visit your website. You should be able to deliver what is written on your website; you must also be able to understand the needs of your potential customers in order to reach out to them and convince them to sign up for your newsletter or to purchase a product.

Also you should collect as much information as possible about your potential customers, you should be able to collect their contact information such as names, postal addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers, a landing page should be created which will capture the visitor’s attention immediately and then it is best to take them to your registration form which asks for their email address and password. In order to succeed in marketing you should include an opt-in form which will capture the email address and password and add the information to your database and also you should collect the shipping information such as the weight of the product and the shipping address. You should make use of a virtual shopping cart along with email marketing to collect payments. This will help in driving traffic to your website and you should add web analytics tools for the purpose of tracking the web traffic and then you should place banners on your website to catch the attention of potential customers.