Web Designer Mistake – Networks Instead of Throwing Cold Calling

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Web Designer Mistake – Networks Instead of Throwing Cold Calling

This is an article that virtually every web designer near me wants you to read. The reason it is here is because too many web designers just like to believe themselves to be super powerful wizards with magic powers. And they use so many technical terms and complicated lingo to intimidate and confuse their customers into believing that what they are doing is somehow more complicated than it really is. You may have come across web designers who proclaim their brilliance by talking about the number of lines per page or the color scheme of the site. Now I’m not saying that either of those things is a great indication of the quality of the web design, but neither is it an indication of the person creating the web design.

Most website designers these days seem to think they can talk a big talk, but they can’t paint a stick figure. They can do all the technical stuff, but they need to know how to actually create something that looks nice as well as functions properly and optimizes its own code so that it can run smoothly and increase its page views. A website designer can only do so much. They need someone who knows how to build a basic website that meets the needs of their potential client and meets the expectations of their customers.

If you need a website designer that understands the basic web design needs of their potential client, then you need to find one right near you. There are a few places in my area that have several highly qualified website designers working right next door. You can check them out by checking out their portfolios on the internet. Some designers will even offer a free custom mockup to their website design customers. I call this “previewing” because you get to see how the designer presents the finished product.

There is a simple designer mistake that I am sure every new website designer is guilty of. This is when a designer sits down with a client and presents a totally different website design to them. The client may be completely satisfied with the layout and color scheme or they might not be happy with certain elements, but at the end of the day, this is the web design that the designer decided would be best for their client. This is a designer mistake that is almost always compounded by the designer asking for more time to complete the project, which ends up costing the client more money. I call this the designer trap.

A second common web designer mistake that I see is when local web designers try to sell me services that are not local. When I say local, I mean more than just a physical address. I mean SEO, responsive design, copy writing and more. When web designers try to sell me these extras, I feel like I’m being taken for a ride.

Even though I have had success finding local web designers who are more than happy to talk to me about my business, there is still one thing I ask them before they commit to working with me. I ask them if they know anyone in my area that might want their help. It might not seem like much, but in reality, it means a lot when it comes to networking.

Many people think that if you network with enough people, you will never run out of people who need your help. In reality, the opposite is true. As a network marketer, you should always try to find ways to expand your network so that you have more people whom you can ask for advice or ideas. A web designer near me is a fantastic example of someone who used social networking to expand her network.

These are just one thing you can do as a network marketer to expand your network. The bottom line is that you must network and get out of your comfort zone. You never know what you might find when you go out there. As you network, you will find that you will be building relationships instead of throwing cold calls.