Website Security Audit – How to Do it

Website security audit is a risk analysis tool that helps in identifying, measuring and reporting security risks. A website audit is also known as site review and can be used to identify, measure and report potential issues.

The measures that a company can take to ensure its site is protected from security breaches are actually quite simple. To begin with, the website owner should have knowledge of what features or components that are available. It is always best to use a feature rich, easy to use website but at the same time not forget the need to add some additional features if required.

It is the responsibility of the webmaster to keep the server and the network well maintained. While it is always advised to upgrade the server if it has become more than a few years old, it is not practical to do so in a regular basis.

Installing and updating the latest versions of the software updates is one of the most basic ways to keep the website up to date. The software updates should include patches that are needed for security vulnerabilities to be patched up.

It is not advisable to hire an agency to perform a website security audit because the company that performs the audits is usually highly specialized. Another benefit is that it can cost as little as $35 for a site review and up to three hundred dollars for the most elaborate security audits.

A web hosting company can always provide a range of services such as Web design, hosting, e-commerce and content management. These services often have simple or advanced security features that will be addressed in the audit.

Another advantage of using a security service provider is that it can provide a thorough security audit. For example, it can check the application program interface or API level which is commonly referred to as .NET which would help to monitor any potential threats. The data collection is very important to identify risks associated with the website. This is the method where hackers gather information from the site’s server.

A website security audit helps in identifying all possible weaknesses of the website. They will also verify the security policies and protocols that are in place by the organization.

Once the audit is complete, the conclusions will be reported to the website owner so they can be resolved as soon as possible. However, no website is completely safe and there are still a lot of websites that face threats and vulnerabilities.

Nowadays, this security tool is used by all major corporations as part of their overall website security strategy. With the emerging of new threats, a security audit becomes an essential element of any corporate security plan.

Here are some basic steps for performing a website security audit. Basically, website owners should avoid these common mistakes: