What Is Joomla Maintenance?

Joomla Maintenance is an effort to reduce the number of downtimes that Joomla hosts may encounter. The principle behind Joomla Maintenance is that the system should be maintained to help it run smoothly and efficiently in the future. A Joomla web host must remain up and running in order to do its tasks properly and efficiently.

When Joomla is under a lot of load, it may not perform well and the result can be very low page views and the inability to retrieve data from the database. When a Joomla website experiences a sustained outage, it may even go offline altogether and many customers experience a major loss of business.

There are various reasons why a Joomla website may go down. Some are of short duration, while others can go on for a few hours, days or weeks. For the purpose of Joomla Maintenance, several things need to be taken into consideration.

First and foremost, a website that is experiencing downtime must have a look at the server status. A steady server status is a good sign as it means that Joomla is responding to requests. If a server is not responding at all, there must be a reason for it to be that way. It is the responsibility of a Joomla maintenance team to make sure that the Joomla website is up and running.

Ajax processing is not allowed when a Joomla site goes down. The reason is that too much Ajax processing can cause issues to arise with the speed of response. There are many Joomla Hosting providers who don’t allow AJAX to run when a Joomla website is under heavy load.

Other than looking at the server status, the Joomla host should also check the source code. They must find out the reasons whyJoomla is giving errors and they should take remedial measures to resolve the problem.

As part of Joomla Maintenance, a host would also like to check if there are some module upgrades that are ready for the new release of Joomla. If so, they can either upgrade the modules or remove the old ones.

All database dumps will also be inspected and the results will be kept with the database for review. This is important in case the Joomla website has to be updated.

Any sites that have a strong and dependable AJAX application installed must have an AJAX monitoring system installed. They should check the status of the AJAX requests and the response time of each request. There may be different reasons behind each request being sent to the server, therefore the user agent and method that is used to make a request must be documented.

Since a Joomla hosting provider must be able to keep an eye on the server status, the control panel must also be checked for performance. If the control panel is up to date and the system is functioning well, the Joomla hosting provider can continue to use the system until it is completely upgraded.

Having a hosting server will only help to keep a Joomla hosting provider up to date, but it won’t help if the Joomla hosting provider cannot maintain the server status. It is only when the system is stable and efficient that the hosting company can try to upgrade the Joomla hosting system.

Every time Joomla maintenance has to be done, the website needs to be examined carefully. As mentioned earlier, this is very important so that there is no downtime.